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May 20 - World Metrology Day

This holiday is a recognition of the importance of the professional activities of metrologists around the world, as well as vivid evidence that ensuring the unity of measurements is important for the economic, scientific, technical and social development of countries.

The theme of World Metrology Day 2019 is «International System of Units. Fundamentally better».

On November 16, 2018, the General Conference of Measures and Weights was held in Versailles, where a resolution on the revision of the International System of Units was approved, which comes into force on May 20, 2019.

In their address, the heads of leading international organizations for metrology note: «Considering that changes in perspective should give impetus to broader transformations, special attention was paid to maintaining compatibility of new definitions with the current ones at the time of the beginning of the changes. Changes will pass unnoticed for all but the most narrow specialists, although at the same time they can be viewed as a deep restructuring of approaches to ensuring traceability. At the global level, work will continue on harmonizing the use of measuring instruments so that trade, industry and consumers do not have to worry about the differences in the weight, linear and other measures they use».

World Metrology Day is celebrated in the Republic of Belarus. Open days, exhibitions, and seminars will be timed to this holiday. The work of the best metrologists will be awarded certificates of appreciation and thanks Gosstandard.


Poster in English.


Address by the Directors of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and the International Bureau of Legal Metrology.