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Republican unitary enterprise «Grodno Center for Standardization of Metrology and Certification»

Verbal appeals of citizens, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Appeals of citizens and legal entitiesVerbal appeals of citizens, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs


Verbal appeals are set out during a personal reception.

1. If the decision of the questions set out during the personal reception is not within the competence of the enterprise, the officials conducting the personal reception do not consider the appeal on the merits, but clarify which organization should be addressed to resolve the issues outlined in the appeal.

2. If the decision of the issue set forth in the verbal appeal and related to the competence of the enterprise, additional studying and verification is required, the appeal is stated by the applicant in writing and is subject to consideration in the manner prescribed for written appeals.

3. Verbal appeals are considered to be considered on the merits, if all the questions set out in them are considered, appropriate measures are taken to protect, enforce, restore the rights, freedoms and / or lawful interests of the applicants and the answers are announced to the applicants during a personal reception, which sets out verbal appeals.

4. Verbal appeals can be left without consideration on the merits if:

  • the identity documents of the applicants, their representatives, as well as documents confirming the powers of the representatives of the applicants have not been submitted;
  • appeals contain questions that are not within the competence of the enterprise;
  • the applicant during a personal reception has already been given an exhaustive answer to his questions or the correspondence with this applicant on such questions was terminated;
  • the applicant during of personal reception allows the use of obscene or offensive words or expressions.

The decision to leave the verbal appeal, stated during of a personal reception, without consideration on the merits, is announced to the applicant during this reception by the official conducting the personal reception, indicating the reasons for the decision.


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